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Crystal Beach Texas
Crystal Beach Texas history and Information
May 5, 2010

Crystal Beach has had a long and colorful history including changing names, enduring strong hurricanes, and being a route for criminals looking for a way to avoid Galveston’s prohibition. Now Crystal Beach is a relaxing beach community known for great beaches and a fun atmosphere. Summer in Crystal Beach is king. The small unincorporated community has businesses including a grocery store, gas stations, a bank and Title Company, and much more. The ride to Crystal Beach almost always starts with a ride over the Bolivar ferry from Galveston, TX. The visitor is then greeted by a beautiful lighthouse that is a favorite destination for photographers. As you drive down Highway 87 on the way to Crystal Beach you come to see Bolivar Peninsula's most well known landmark- the blue Crystal Beach water tower. This is the signal you’ve arrived. Whether you’re going to the beach, fishing, bird watching, or just sunning on your deck Crystal beach has you covered.

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